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10 Reasons He Wants To Marry You & 10 He Won’t

Been together for a few years but don’t see a ring? Well, that’s not a good enough reason for him to propose. Not even if a couple has been living together for a long time!

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The hard truth is, men always ask themselves “Can I do better?” whenever they start falling hard for a woman. And if the answer is yes, they keep their girlfriend around until someone better shows up.

It’s a bitter truth. But the opposite is true too.


That is, if he realizes his leading lady is the best thing to ever happen to him, he will do everything in his power to make her his forever woman. Just so some other guy does not get it in his head to sweep her off her feet from right under his nose!

So here are 10 reasons why he does not want to marry her. And 10 that would make him propose immediately.

Just remember: every relationship is unique and has the capacity to evolve. So if a girl’s chances of becoming wifey are low right now, it doesn’t mean she will never get the ring. She just has to be willing to improve on her negative qualities or find a better match.

20She Won’t Get The Ring If He Isn’t Strongly Attracted To Her


It might sound shallow. But physical appearance plays a big role in attraction. For both men and women.

But more so for men because historically they have always chosen the prettiest bride while women have settled for rich husbands even if they did not have a handsome face.

So if he is only mildly attracted to you, he will not ask you to marry him.

Not even if he thinks you are the bee’s knees. But don’t worry. Physical appearance is just one part of the attraction formula. The others are charisma, personality, and high self-esteem.

19She’s Marriage Material If She’s Fun To Be Around


Can she engage him in intelligent conversations that fill his heart with wonder? Go off on adventures at the drop of a hat? Play COD like a pro and maybe even beat him?

The point is, if she’s fun to be around, he’ll immediately place her in the “marriage material” category. Because men love hanging around women who make them happy.

Wouldn’t you too? It’s a human thing. We are hardwired to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. So whatever the two of you enjoy doing together, that could be the key to getting a proposal!


18She Won’t Get The Ring If She Is #Immature


Trust us, she’s not wifey material if she still relies on Daddy to rescue her from her shenanigans. Or, if she has a zero concept of money. Or, still has a nanny! #CorrineOlympios #NickViallBachelor

The point is, marriage is a big responsibility, and it takes two people to make it work.

Which is why most men shy away from it. They don’t want to enter the contract unless they are ready. And the same applies to their girlfriend. So if she’s not mature enough to handle marriage, he definitely is not going to marry her, no matter how great the rest of the relationship is.

17She’s Marriage Material If He Can Be Himself Around Her


Do you know how good it feels when you find someone who does not judge you? Who accepts you, murky past and all? Who appreciates you for who you are?

That’s why if he feels like he can be his genuine self around her, he will immediately wonder what life would be like if she was his wife.

After all, we live in a world where trolls don’t just live on the internet. Sometimes they can be in our own family. So to find someone we can share everything with is truly a rare thing. A good thing.


16She Won’t Get The Ring If She’s A Workaholic

Honestly, if you are a workaholic and still in a relationship, ask yourself why.

Is it because of peer pressure? Because it’s what’s “you are supposed to do” after a certain age? Because you are afraid of being an old maid with 35 cats?

Whatever your reason might be, it’s not good enough to justify taking up a guy’s time if you’re not serious about him.

Because relationships require the investment of time and effort from both sides. Which a workaholic cannot put in. And that’s ok. We all have priorities in life. Yours just happen to be your work.

15She’s Marriage Material If Her Passion Matches His

We all know what happens when passion brims over and takes control. But what if your flames of passion are slower than his? Or the other way around?

The truth is, when both of you are on the same page about passionate expressions of love, your relationship will be happy and blissful. But when you are not, you will inevitably end up bickering all the time and getting annoyed by the other’s lack of interest.

That’s why if her passion does not match his, he will never choose her as his wife. It would be too much of a headache for him.

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14She Won’t Get The Ring If She Is Boring & Has Zero Passion For Life

Men pop the big question when they feel they are with a high-quality woman. And one of the traits of such a woman is her big zest for life.

So if you are the kind of person who’s content letting life take her wherever it wants, he will never ask you to marry him.

It’s because life with such a girl would bore him to tears eventually. Plus, what is she going to teach their children? How to be zombies and drift through life? No, he would never let that happen. He’ll look for someone more vibrant and motivated instead.

13She’s Marriage Material If She Loves His #DadJokes

Face it, men are fond of Dad jokes. As in, jokes that are so lame that you don’t even know why you are laughing. And that includes stupid puns that make the kids groan.

So if she loves his Dad jokes, and has a few of her own up her sleeve, he will immediately see her as a fun presence he wants to be around. And in the long run, he will pop the big question.

Because every Dad wants a Mom who finds his jokes funny even if the kids don’t! It’s a sign of a matched sense of humor. And it guarantees they would have a happy life together.


12She Won’t Get The Ring If They Have Ego Clashes

Power struggles are natural in the early stages of a relationship. Especially when the honeymoon phase ends. It’s a way for each partner to figure out whether there’s an alpha in the relationship or if both are equals.

But this clashing fades away soon. After all, it doesn’t take that long to find a common groove.

So if they both fight constantly months or years into the relationship, it’s a big sign they are incompatible together. And guys are better at figuring this out than girls. Which is why you would never see the ring coming your way.

11She’s Marriage Material If She “Likes Me For Me”

Awww! When a guy says his girlfriend “likes me for me,” it means she loves him for the person he is on the inside. Not the mask he wears for the world, which includes the way he dresses or grooms his hair.

It also means she’s not in it for his money. Or for the power she would gain from their coupling. Or even because their parents set them up and want them to marry.

So if he finds such a girl, he will immediately go ring shopping just so he can have the privilege of calling her his wife.


10She Won’t Get The Ring If She’s Lugging Ten Suitcases Of Bad Memories

There’s a reason why they say people with baggage are not enticing. Because such individuals tend to have a small field of focus–themselves–and how badly life has treated them. So, of course, she won’t get the ring if she has a ton of it.

No one, let along a guy, wants to be married to someone who throws pity parties every chance she gets.

The truth is, people admire those who can get back up when life gives them a bad hand. Those who have the confidence that they will succeed eventually even if the setback is quite big.

And only those kinda girls get the ring. Not the baggage-laden kind.

9She’s Marriage Material If She Can Make Him Laugh

It’s amazing if she laughs at his jokes. But it’s even better when she can make him laugh too. It’s a sign their mental wavelengths are matched, which is why they find similar things funny.

Plus, witty girls are very attractive. They ooze intelligence from their pores. And such a woman always falls in the wifey category for men.

Just because he knows she has the smarts to handle life. And will always make him laugh even when he’s having a bad day. Plus, she’ll appreciate his zany sense of humor even when it gets to be a bit annoying!

8She Won’t Get The Ring If She Cannot Stop Shopping (Even When She’s Broke)


Here’s why shopaholics don’t get the ring. It’s because they aren’t mature enough to know when to stop. Plus, their handle on finances is weak at best and non-existent at worse. Besides, girls have always blown their husband’s money.

So in this new climate of independence, extreme shopaholic-ness immediately makes him wonder if you plan on squandering his wealth too.

And that will never encourage him to marry her. Why should he? She obviously isn’t mature enough to handle her own spending, so how can she handle a marriage, or another bank account that’s not hers to begin with?

7She’s Marriage Material If She Drops Really Awesome Compliments

Men love compliments. Doesn’t every person in general? But they don’t get too many from their girlfriend. Not usually.

And when they do, it’s often a generic one. Like, “You are so awesome!” or “You are a good man.”

But when a woman compliments him for something specific in his life that he is proud of, she immediately shines brighter than any other woman he has met in his life. Even if it’s a small compliment like she loves the way he greets her in the morning because it starts her day on a sweet note.

6She Won’t Get The Ring If She Does Not Take Care Of Herself

Why would he find you attractive and amazing if you don’t think so of yourself?! He won’t. Nobody would. After all, self-confidence is visible to others and it’s attractive. The more you exude, the higher the quality of guy you’ll attract, including ones with future potential!

That’s why they say that true love starts with self-love.

So if she does not take care of herself, her needs, or her goals, she will immediately stick out to him as a pushover. Even more so if she is prone to people-pleasing. And that never wows any guy. Even if he’s her boyfriend!

5She’s Marriage Material If She Doesn’t Have A Shred Of Fakeness

There’s a reason why men don’t like girls who wear too much makeup or who seem to be trying too hard to look cool.

It’s because these women never show the world their true face. Or their real personality.

But that’s not the case with a woman who’s confident in herself and her abilities. That woman has no need to wear a mask or lie. She’s strong and it shines like a diamond!

That’s the kind of woman who captivates a man’s interest and gets him to drop down on one knee. A genuine woman.


4She Won’t Get The Ring If She’s Too Clingy And Insecure

Well, hello! Isn’t it obvious? Of course, she’s not going to get the ring if she’s insecure.

After all, men are allergic to drama.

Although if he’s insecure too, he will love drama just as much as she does. And girls who get jealous for no reason. Or who stop him from hanging out with his friends because she’s afraid she will lose him to them.

So if reading those lines was a tough pill to swallow, swallow it and then work on yourself. Build your self-esteem. Because once you do that, your insecurities will vanish too.

3She’s Marriage Material If He Can Talk To Her About Anything #NoJudgement

Honestly, when a guy’s sitting quietly, it’s not a sign that he’s bothered about something or stressed out. That could be the reason, but the more likely reason is he’s thinking intensely about suntan lotions. Or any other goofy topic under the sun.

The point is, if he finishes his reverie and immediately discusses it with her, it’s a big sign he will propose eventually. After all, she must be awesome if he feels comfortable talking to her about anything and everything without any fear of judgment! And if he wants to share all his inner thoughts with her, that means he’s okay with her knowing everything about him.


2She Won’t Get The Ring If She Never Accepts It When She’s Wrong

There’s a running joke that once you get a girlfriend, you will never be right after that. Only, it’s not a joke. It’s a sad truth. Which is why most relationships don’t succeed, married or otherwise.

Because how can you love someone who is never willing to accept their part in the problem?

What if your partner thinks you are always to blame? Even when it was she who never spoke up!

So, yes, if she cannot accept her mistakes, she will most definitely not walk down the aisle with him. He doesn’t need that drama in his life.

1She’s Marriage Material If His Mom Loves Her

And finally, the most important reason why one girl is marriage material while another is not. It all boils down to how his mom feels about her.

Although, to be honest, his mom’s viewpoint doesn’t count always. Especially if she’s immature and unwilling to let her son make his own choices.

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But for the most part, his mom’s opinion of you carries a lot of weight. So if she loves you, it will make his day seeing his old woman getting along with his girl! And that will eventually lead you down the aisle.

Because his mom will make sure of it.


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